Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art, and Thought


Yellow Medicine Review (YMR) Spring 2022 Call for Submissions 


 "Miracles and Defining Moments"


Guest Editors: Maiah Merino and Arianne True 


Some folks believe each moment is a miracle; others believe it's a happening, a singular event unlike any other. The child of a mother who was told she couldn't have a child--they are a miracle. The children who made it past eighteen in a neighborhood where so many didn't--they are miracles. Looking at your partner after all these years and still feeling your face grow warm just to see them--another miracle. Managing to just keep going when you have every reason not to and it's all too hard--miracle, day after day. Miracles surround us, from finding two bumblebees curled up together sleeping in a half-open rose to receiving a phone call when you need it most. 


How do you define a miracle? Do you know when they're happening? What sparks miraculous in your life? And how do you receive them when they happen? We're in a time that needs more magic and miracles. Maybe they can remind us how to create the life we want to be living. "The meaning of life is to fuel the power of miracles with your love" (Ali Ghambari). Maybe we are already the miracles.  


This call asks you to remember, imagine, or re-imagine moments in your life where you were the miracle (you define it) or where you were part of something  bigger than yourself. Tell us about magic and miracles you witnessed, you fueled, you received, or that you want to wish into being for you and our world. 


Deadline for Submissions:     April 05, 2022

Expected Publication Date:    June 2022


Submit 1-5 pieces of work as a single email attachment to:

In your email/cover letter, please include the following:


  • Your name and physical mailing address
  • List of all titles and genres of included work
  • Short bio
  • Your tribal affiliation [YMR is a journal of Indigenous writing]


 Please adhere to the YMR submission format and guidelines:


  1. Send work as a Word, RTF, or PDF attachment to:   If  there is unusual formatting in your piece, please include a PDF.
  2. The subject line of your email should read as follows: YMR Spring 2022 Last Name (ex: YMR, Spring 2022 Wilson)
  3. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable.
  4. Please no previously published work.
  5. All color graphics, photos, and other visual art submitted will be considered for the issue cover.



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