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Guest Editor for Fall 2016 Issue:   Tanaya Winder

Honoring Our Resilience

The Oxford English Dictionary defines "resilience" as "the quality or fact of being able to recover quickly or easily from, or resist being affected by, a misfortune, shock, illness, etc.; robustness; adaptability." Resilience. I believe we as Indigenous people are living examples of the word "resilience." We are living examples of what is possible. There is so much we have survived, we persist, we thrive. Resilience. We live it.

In this particular call I'm looking for stories, essays, poems, scholarly articles, reviews, short plays, interviews, novel excerpts, or letters demonstrating, honoring, and celebrating our resilience and survivance. What does resilience mean to you? What has kept you persisting in your life, in your writing, in your path? What testimonies of resilience can you share with others? What is it you need to read during moments of doubt or questioning?

Please send in any and all work you think applies to the theme. Let's share these narratives in these pages I'm grateful to help curate and share with anyone who needs them.

Thank you Yellow Medicine Review for the opportunity and gift to curate this issue. I'm excited for the chance to read submissions.

Deadline: August 30, 2016
Publication: October 2016

Please adhere to the following YMR submission format:
• Send work as electronic files in Word or rtf attachments to:
• Name your file with YMR and [Your Name].doc (ex: YMRJudyWilson.doc.)
• Include a brief bio along with your email and snail mail contact information
• Amend the subject line of our email submission to read as follows: YMR Fall 16 Last Name (ex: YMR Fall 16 Wilson)