Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art, and Thought


YMR Spring 2021 Call for Submissions


"The Wide Open Issue"


Calling all Indigenous writers----young, old, established, emerging, traditional, urban, two spirit, academic, incarcerated----matters not. All. Indigenous. Writers. Share your voices, your best words, the thing you do----do you----in community with Yellow Medicine Review


 Submit work as an email attachment to:

 Please include a short bio as well as your physical mailing address.


Deadline for Submissions:  April 1, 2021


Expected Publication Date:  Mid to Late May 2021


Please adhere to the YMR submission format:


• Send work as a Word or rtf attachment to:   If  there is unusual formatting in your piece, then please also send a PDF of the work.

• Amend the subject line of your email to read as follows: YMR Spring 2021 Last Name (ex: YMR Spring 2021 Wilson)



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